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5 ways to take your business seriously

Here are 4 ways to start taking your business seriously:

💸 Register your business.

Protect yourself + your personal assets by getting your business registered with CIPC.

💸 Open a business bank account.

It’ll give you a super clear picture of your all business money. It’s also required if you have registered as a company.

💸 Monitor your finances WEEKLY.

This is so important for business owners! It’s a great way to stay on top of your numbers + make educated decisions to grow your business.

💸 Save for taxes.

It’s a general rule of thumb to save 20-30% of your profit for taxes. That way you’re not struggling to pay them when they are due. 


Try to do this consistently, paying yourself on the same date every month. It’s like getting a check from an employer, but in this case, the employer is YOU!  

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