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Accounting services

Accounting & Business Solutions that Catalyze Your Business Growth

Accounting, Taxation, Compliance, Data Analytics and coaching/training services

We'll turn your financial chaos into systematic profit
(or teach you how to do it yourself)

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Accounting Needs

Training services designed to empower
small business owners, entrepreneurs, and driven professionals
to take control of their finances.


Understanding the financial side of your business is just as important to your success as the quality of what you sell, your customer service, and your marketing strategy. 

Working with an accounting professional and following their advice increases your odds of success in business. At HM Accounting, we help you make proactive decisions using the numbers in your business whilst staying compliant.

Team Project

Our Services, Include but are not limited to the following

Accounting firm


Accounting Services

  • Annual Financial Statement Preparation 

  • Preparation of Management Accounts

  • Budgets

  • Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Projections

  • Data capture

  • Company administrative services - debtors, creditors etc


Taxation Services

  • Vat201 Registrations & Returns

  • EMP201 Reconciliations and Return Submissions (PAYE)

  • Individual and Business Income Tax Returns

  • Provisional Tax Returns

  • EMP501 Reconciliations

  • Tax Compliance Pins


Registrations, Compliance and Company Maintenance Services

  • Company registation ( PTY & NPO)

  •  CSD Registration

  • Company amendments (directors, address, name changes)

  • Tax registrations (Income, VAT, PAYE, SDL, Customs)

  • Labour registrations (UIF & COID)


Business Data Analytics

  • Product/Service analysis 

  • Customer analysis

  • Marketing analysis

  • Operations analysis

  • Employee analysis


Business Finance  Trainings

Our business finance trainings services are designed to empower
small business owners, entrepreneurs, and driven professionals to take control of their finances.

We also offer SAGE Online trainings for businesses.


Digital Resources

Hi There,
I'm Humairaa. Founder and CEO of HM Accounting.

My superpower is making accounting for businesses easier to understand.

My passion lies in empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to feel confident and at ease with their finances!
HM Accounting was founded with the goal of helping businesses of ALL sizes get access to resources that will help them be successful.

​What we do:

Work with you to understand your business and your needs

  • Provide high-quality, tailored-to-you support and services
  • Give you confidence in your numbers so that you can focus on your business growth
  • Ensure you stay compliant with all the latest tax and accounting legislation and filing requirements.
  • Assisting you to understand your numbers so that you can make informed decisions, giving you the financial freedom to build both the business and life that you want

​HM Accounting is interested in more than just ticking boxes, dotting i’s and crossing t’s. A partner willing to get to know your business inside-out and supporting you as you grow.

We don’t just file annual paperwork.
Our mission is to be your trusted financial and business management advisor – partnering with you as you grow.

​We're entrepreneurs too, so we know just how important your business is to you. Think of us as an extension of your team - you're in great hands!

​We're all about supporting you and your business in the most user-friendly and convenient way. ​​

Ronel Ten Napel, Spotless Drycleaning & Laundry Services

“...we highly recommend HM Accounting for SME start-up businesses due to their unique and personal approach. They have a prompt and accurate understanding of legislation and analytical skills that equip businesses with a solid foundation for a bright future. The timely provision of applicable and required documentation, registration, and support helps Spotless remain focused on core operations - Service Delivery."

Ready to elevate your impact while growing a profitable business that provides you with financial independence? 


Solution - Orientated

We create specific solutions customised to your business needs. We are your strategic growth partner, not just your bookkeeper. We do not believe “one-size-fits-all” and will work with you to craft a program that works perfectly for your business. We apply curiosity, rigor, and preparation when working with you and conduct industry research and weaving in relevant industry themes.


We pride ourselves on producing accurate, meaningful information, in super-quick time, helping you understand your business and improve financial decision-making.

Its about Your Business and You

We all know that every person is an individual with their own strengths, weaknesses and special skills - this is what makes them unique.


At hM Accounting we believe that the same applies to every business so we treat all clients and businesses as individuals too. There is no one size fits all solution, we talk to you to understand your business and the support you need and only then do we provide you with a quote.

We love the numbers, but the best part of what we do is working with our clients to help them understand those numbers so that they can make informed decisions about their businesses, meaning we can watch them grow knowing that we’ve helped them along the way.

Why Us

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