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Go for Goals

It's that time of year when everyone is busy, but it's worth taking time out to think about what you want from 2022 - to start planning a little bit ahead of the new year. But what should we remember to factor in when we plan ahead?

It seems obvious, but your targets, goals, objectives need to be just that - YOURS. Basing your plans on what others think you ought to be doing is only going to result in you getting frustrated and possibly demotivated.

They should be a mix of short and long term - i.e. what you want to achieve in 2022 but also aims for per quarter goals too. If the end date is too far out then chances are you will just ignore them and panic later in the year that nothing has been done. If there is one overarching big aim, then break it down into what you will do each quarter, then each month and even each week - make it manageable rather than big and scary.

Remember to factor in balance - you cannot (and should not) be working 24-7, you need time out to breath, to move, to be and to rest. So don't stretch yourself too far and too thin.

Make SMART goals and objectives. There are tons online about how to do this.

And good luck! You've got this and I believe in you… I'm here with the pom poms, cheering you on!

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