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Planning ahead

With November approaching, we are making our way into the last financial quarter of the year.

Thats said its time to start thinking about the following:

  • Q4 - what are your plans and goals?

  • Q1 - yes, start thinking about how 2022 will start off too - December is a crazy month for many businesses so thinking about Q1 is the last thing they can focus on until it's actually here.

  • Christmas - many businesses would have been planning for Christmas for several weeks now (yes, really) but if you haven't started thinking about Christmas offers and promotions then it's time to get going on it now.

  • Black Friday - as with Christmas, many businesses would have been thinking about their offers and planning ahead but even if you aren't a product-based business there may still be offers and promotions that you can look to do so think outside the box!

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