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Free Course – Manifesto to Organize Your Finances

A Guide to Spring Clean Your Finances

You may enrol HERE

In spirit of Women’s Day – I am super excited to announce the release of my first course that will be absolutely FREE to enrol in.

I thought long and hard about the topic in which I wanted us to start with and I found it appropriate to start back at basics.

The Manifesto to Organizing Your finances course outlays the building blocks of a successful financial future.

We need to have our finances in tip-top condition, more importantly we need to have an organized system for our finances.

If you’ve been putting off dealing with your finances – it will only make it so much harder when you do start.

Regardless of how bad your finances seem – where there’s a will there’s a way. Right?

You just have to have the will to change things.

I know you want to stick to your budget, be debt free, have full control of your financial situation and I also know You are willing to learn how.

THIS course will provide you with just that.

Course Topics Include:

  1. Financial Records to keep

  2. How long to keep documents for

  3. How to store financial documents

  4. Net worth calculations

  5. Debt payoff

  6. Money Management system

  7. Budget Planner

  8. Automating Finances

You will also be provided with downloadable templates to make completing action steps that much easier.

One last thing, in order to get Free access you would have to enrol during the period 7th – 10th August 2020 as it will be charged at a regular price from the 11th.

You may enrol HERE

*Limited spaces available

Should you have any further questions on the course or enrollment – Contact me.

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