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What’s your Money Archetype and QUIZ to find out

Covid-19 has affected us in different ways, not just financially but emotionally/psychologically too. And we all have tried to cope in different ways; for example, when the lockdown began people stocked up on essential groceries and detergents.Hand sanitizers were completely sold out! This was an unconscious response to the Covid-19 and the lockdown. Buying was done from a place of fear and stress and for feelings of safety and comfort.

Money Archetypes are unconscious patterns, habits and beliefs that influence money behaviors. I like to refer to them as ‘knee-jerk reactions’. It’s important to note that they are NOT personalities and they are NOT fixed.

Once you recognize your money type – you recognize the place you need to grow from. You will then become more conscious of triggers patterns and behaviors preventing you from achieving your goals. By understanding your most prevalent archetype you’ll have a more productive relationship with your money.

I encourage you to take the Nedbank Money Archetype Quiz HERE.

I would love to hear from you in the Comments below:

What is your Money Archetype? Did this Quiz help you understand your relationship with money better? Do you find Your Money Archetype to be true for you?

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