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How to DOUBLE Your Business Revenue

Are you an entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights? Then Cameron Herold's book, "Double Double," is a game-changer you don't want to miss out. This is one of my favourite books and for good reason too. It's packed with practical advice and actionable strategies that are easy to implement and definitely DO DOUBLE your revenue (tried and tested). This book certainly serves as a blueprint for accelerating growth and achieving remarkable success in your business.

In this blog post, I will break down key points from "Double Double" and discuss how I've implemented it in my business and how you can too:

Visionary Planning:

Herold emphasizes the importance of creating a VIVID vision for your business. This isn't just a mission statement; it's a clear and inspiring picture aka Your North Star of where you want your business to be in the future.

How to implement this in your business: Gather your team and if you dont have a team, go at it alone. Spend time envisioning the future of your company. What does success look like? How does your team contribute to this vision? Write it down, make it tangible, and share it with everyone involved.

I applied this principle by using storytelling techniques to make the vision relatable and inspiring. I created visual aids such as a vision board and a one-page document that encapsulates the core elements of my business vision. I regularly revisit and reinforce this vision in my CEO dates.

Strategic Planning:

"Double Double" introduces the concept of the Vivid Vision, a detailed three-year roadmap that vividly describes what your business will look like in the future. This strategic planning tool serves as a powerful catalyst for growth.

How to Implement this in your business: Implement this strategy by creating a Vivid Vision for your business, detailing the company's culture, team dynamics, and financial achievements three years down the line.

Personally, I do not create a three-year vision plan, I find it really difficult to envision my business 3 years down and make it ACHIEVABLE so instead I've adapted this to create a ONE-year vision plan. It is more practical and achievable for me.

If you are like me and struggle with the above, feel free to create a One year vision. If your vision skills are great and a three-year plan is crystal clear in your mind, do it. Let these exercises align with you and what works best for you.

Use this blog post to assist you with your Vivid Vision. I go into detail on what to envision and how to go about it step by step: READ DAY 2 - DESIGN YOUR LIFE

Also, I have a free workbook for this activity which you can get here - Life by design workbook

Building a dream team:

Your team is the heartbeat of your organization. Building a winning team and fostering a positive company culture are central themes in "Double Double." Herold stresses the significance of hiring the right people, nurturing their growth, and creating an environment where they thrive.

How to Implement this in your business: Develop a hiring process that goes beyond resumes and interviews. Look for candidates who align with your company's culture and values. Invest in continuous learning and team-building activities to strengthen relationships.

I adapted this to suit my business as a solopreneur and created my "dream employee description" using the above method. I also make sure to engage in a lot of continuous learning not just professional learning but also personal development.

Meeting Rhythms:

Efficient and purposeful meetings are important for a successful business. "Double Double" introduces the concept of regular planning sessions and check-ins to keep the team focused and accountable. Implement this by establishing a routine for weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning sessions. This creates a proactive approach to problem-solving and goal attainment.

How to implement this in your business: Start with daily reviews/meetings to keep everyone aligned and address immediate concerns. Gradually introduce other meeting rhythms to ensure that short-term and long-term goals are consistently addressed.

Solopreneurs like myself can implement this through daily check-ins (review and goal setting), weekly CEO date hours, monthly and quarterly planning sessions

I use these guides which I personally created and have benefited from:

Weekly CEO Date - My weekly Go to

CEO Strategy Hour - My ultimate Favourite which I use monthly

Business Growth Guide - I use this growth guide for planning, strategy and check in


Customer Service and Feedback:

Exceptional customer service is a key driver of growth. Remember, your best form of advertising and marketing is referrals and reviews. I literally have acquired ALL of my clientele through referrals from clients. Herold advocates for proactive communication with customers and actively seeking feedback to make continuous improvements.

How to implement this in your business: I've implemented various channels for collecting customer feedback, such as surveys, reviews, and direct communication channels.

I Regularly analyze this feedback to identify trends and areas for improvement. If you have a team, share positive feedback with the team to boost morale and recognize accomplishments. Use negative feedback as an opportunity for continuous improvement, making strategic adjustments based on customer insights.

Customer service and feedback is absolutely crucial to businesses. Referrals are your BEST form of advertising.

Financial Health:

"Double Double" emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and strategic financial planning. Understanding your numbers and using them to make informed decisions is critical for sustainable growth.

How to implement this in your business: Invest time in understanding your financial statements. Create a budget and regularly review your financial performance. Use this data to make informed decisions that align with your business goals. You can also consult with your accountant and have them take you through the financial data.


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Remember that the key to doubling your revenue lies in consistent application and adaptation based on the unique needs of your business — take action and watch your business achieve remarkable growth.

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