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You're in the right place.

We assist entrepreneurs and business owners build profitable businesses so they have the financial independence to create a life they love.

Do you wish there was a magic wand you could wave over the financial side of your business that would give you more profit, less overwhelm, and better clarity? 

Well, we don't have a magic wand but we like to think we're the next best thing. 

Our clients are passionate about their businesses.

Their struggle? They feel frustrated, stressed, and overall overwhelmed with the money side of their business. They knew they needed an experienced partner to help them with a path forward. 


We take clients from feeling overwhelmed about money, having no clue where they're spending or what they're making, and an unorganized headache to having financial clarity, feeling confident in their decisions, and thriving in a business they love.


We pride ourselves on being a little different than most accounting firms. We don't just do, we teach.


We're sitting on the same side of the (virtual) table with you, presenting the information in an approachable way. 

    Reviewing Proposal
    Owner of HM Accounting

    Oh Hey!

    I'm Humairaa

    When I took the leap to create my own accounting firm, I wanted to create a business that is not just a 'tick in the box' system but guides business owners, female entrepreneurs and start ups by creating a personalized customer experience.  

    My qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce Honours, an Undergraduate degree in Accounting Sciences as well as a Certificate in Administration of Deceased and Insolvent Estates. This coupled with my 12 years of experience in the Accounting Industry working with small-medium and larger enterprises has equipped me with invaluable skills in financial management, problem solving, analytical ability, effective communication, attention to detail, industry knowledge, customer service and organizational skills.

    As a Business Owner, I know that one cannot become complacent. I ensure I keep myself updated with Industry trends and knowledge together with completing courses and certifications to make sure I stay ahead of the game. Certifications include; Businesss Data Analytics,Project Management, SME Development, Bitrix24 and Scrum.

    I am also certified with SAICA, a registered Tax Practioner, a registered Labour Practioner as well as a registered SAGE Practioner.

    When I’m not crunching numbers coaching new startups or hosting webinars, I am being a wife, a daughter and a sister all while still taking care of myself, exercising regularly, reading a business book a month and blogging. Yes blogging!


    My fervour for getting individuals excited about their finances and realizing their financial dreams spurred me to create a blog and use other social media platforms to educate individuals on financial literacy as I strongly believe that having even the slightest knowledge on managing your finances can make a huge difference in your business, financial future and life.


    The most important thing in business to me is honesty, integrity, hard work, family, and never forgetting where we came from. It should drive us to own our space, obsess about driving value, and always pursue more knowledge.

    Look forward to hearing from You.

    Job Interview
    HM Accounting has allowed me to serve some truly incredible people. I've witnessed business owners:
    • leave their 9-5 to go full-time in their business
    • hire their first employee and their 28th
    • double their revenue year over year
    • start new businesses and grow it
    • start additional businesses
    • buy homes and cars
    • pay off loans and business debts 
    • finally, feel empowered by their financial information and use it to make strategic business decions
    the list goes on...
    I feel honored to be part of each of their story and I know this journey of mine is still just beginning. 


    “Absolutely incredible service from Humairaa of HMAccounting. Her calm and thoughtful candor in supporting one through what can be incredibly stressful process for a business allowed me to be completely at ease. The work was done with exceptional speed and her communication throughout was amazing. She also followed up to explain any areas that may have been unclear to me. Great client service and I look forward to working with Humairaa again!"

    Ready to ditch the overwhelm and level-up your decision making?

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