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Craft your Best Year yet - Your 2024 Profit Plan - Day 5

I trust you're gearing up for a celebration because successfully tackling today's challenge puts you well ahead of the game for 2024!

The primary reason many individuals fall short of their objectives is the absence of a well-defined PLAN to maintain focus. For entrepreneurs, this can mean neglecting to promote offerings for months, letting schedules spiral out of control without a weekend off for years, or perpetually experimenting with new ideas instead of doubling down on proven strategies.

Now that you have your vision, it’s time to turn those goals into reality in 2024! The key to consistent clients and cash-flow in any business is to have a clear profit plan.

What is a profit plan? It’s a map of your marketing and sales strategies that will ensure you’re regularly taking action to attract, engage, nurture, invite, and delight new clients! Let’s start by breaking down each element of your marketing plan.

Today, let's leverage the insights from this week to craft a monthly marketing and sales plan for 2024. Here's your assignment for today:



Attract marketing is all about getting your business and brand in front of new people who don’t know who you are. This could include advertising, guest blog posts, getting interviewed, joint partnerships with other businesses, etc.

What are your top 3 ways to attract new people into your community?


A potential client heard about you for the first time from your attract marketing and now they are interested in how you can help them. Typically, they'll explore your website and then leave.

How can you make them stick around for ongoing communication?

An irresistible free offer incentivizes people to share their contact information so they can learn more about you and your business. What could you offer -for free - to build up your community?


Nurture marketing, often the heart of our marketing efforts, involves activities like blogging, email newsletters, and Facebook groups. The key is to have a plan so you're consistently present, not just when seeking new business.

What is your nurture marketing plan? The secret is to have a plan for your nurture marketing so you don’t appear only when it’s time to ask for new business.



This is the transition from marketing to sales. A clear invitation strategy informs your community about the next steps in working with you. It might involve 1x1 consultations, hosting workshops, webinars, or creating email series to introduce your product, program, or service.

What is your best invitation strategy?


When you think of DELIGHT, you’re probably thinking of ways to WOW you customers. That’s an essential part of a solid marketing plan - because it’s much easier to keep an existing customer (and get them to buy again) than to find a new one.

What are your top three ways improve your customer experience in 2024?



Now, let's map out your overall marketing strategy for the next 12 months. Here's the sequence I recommend for your calendar:

  1. Time OFF. That’s right… make sure you block out your vacation time!

  2. Signature Offering. This is your #1 revenue generator, so you want to know exactly how often you are promoting and filling it! I recommend 2 solid promotions a year.

  3. Upgrade Offering. It’s easier to keep a client than find a new client! So I always plan in 2 times I’m going to invite my existing clients to upgrade into a next-level product, program, or service.

  4. Smaller Offerings. Have a smaller program or product? Fit in a promotion between your bigger Launches.

  5. Freebie Offerings. Don’t forget to spend some time dedicated to community building! This could be a free challenge, workshop, etc to build your audience and email list.

  6. MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING! This is the fuel that drives your business forward

Consider the above to complete your monthly Profit plan map, into the following catagories:

1.       Time off

2.       Offering – What products, programs, or services are you selling this month?

3.       Marketing? What are your goals for Attract, Engage and Nurture marketing?

4.       Goals check – what milestones will help you achieve your goals this month?


Remember to apply this planning structure across the entire calendar year (January – December 2024).

Congratulations on making it through the full five-day challenge! Please do share your key insights and takeaways in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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