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Craft your best year yet - Day 2 - Design your Life

Welcome back to Day 2 of our 5-Day Business Goal Setting Challenge. Today's focus? Designing your dream life.

Yes, you heard it right – we're diving into the big picture before honing in on business specifics. Because let's face it, burnout is real, and we want to ensure your success aligns with the life you truly want to lead.

Why Lifestyle Design Comes First

Ever found yourself so immersed in your business that you've lost track of everything else? It happens to the best of us.

Too often, amazing entrepreneurs find themselves fighting burnout simply because they spend every waking moment working and thinking about their business...

...then suddenly you realize it's been months since you took a real weekend off, you spend more time looking at your computer screen than seeing friends and family, struggle to find time to hit the gym, or even enjoy a date night (sound familiar??)

Today, we're flipping the script. Imagine a future where your business operates 100% your way, in harmony with your definition of success. Grab your imaginary Delorean – our time machine – and let's set the dial to one year from now. We're about to shadow your future self for a glimpse into your ideal day.

This exercise is inspired by Cameron Harold's "painted picture" concept from his book Double Double. We're condensing the timeline to one year because achievable goals are the name of the game. Let's break free from the noise of "should do" and tune into your unique dreams and desires -

there's only one right way, and it's yours!

Step 1: Your Painted Picture

Grab the free workbook that goes along with today's challenge – it'll be your guide on this exciting journey - Design your Life Free Workbook Download

Time to dream! Envision a day in your life, one year from now. From sunrise to bedtime, consider your daily lifestyle, health, relationships, hobbies, and, of course, your business.

Start by thinking about upgrades. What needs to change in your life? What do you want more of, and what do you want less of?

Now, answer these questions:

Q1 - From the moment you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow, what does a typical day look like for you 1 year from today? Consider all the areas of your life - your day-to-day lifestyle, health, relationships, hobbies, and yes, business!

Q2 - Imagine you’re following the future you (1 year from today) for an entire week. What’s changed?

Q3 - As you follow your future self through this week, what upgrades have you made over the last year?

Q4 - Future you walks into your office, sits down at your desk, and gets to work. what are they doing? What does your business look like?

Step 2 – Lifestyle Design: Make it Happen!

Now, let's reverse engineer that painted picture. Break it down into these key areas:

  • Lifestyle

  • Relationships

  • Health/Self-Care

  • Business

Why these areas are important?

These are often the categories that are the easiest for us to CLEARLY see where we want change.

Now ask yourself what actions will turn your dreams into reality?

Here are some examples to help you:

  • Lifestyle – Think about changes like a new car, debt payoff, or a dream vacation.

  • Relationships – Consider more quality time with loved ones or building new connections.

  • Health/Self-Care – Reflect on hobbies, exercise routines, or healthier eating habits.

  • Business – Contemplate rebranding, upgrading your website, starting a podcast, or any other business goals.

Think big, but keep it achievable – it's only a year away. Pick the top three goals for each category that excite you the most.

Step 3 – Putting It All Together: Your Take-Home Paycheck

Many entrepreneurs struggle to set accurate and achievable goals around business growth and Revenue because they never take into consideration what they need to pay themselves to live their dream life.

Let’s crunch a few quick numbers to determine what YOUR TAKE HOME PAYCHECK needs to be (we’ll cover business-specific numbers tomorrow - stay focused on your LIVING expenses).

I know the minute I say we are going to put some numbers to it. People get scared or nervous. Im not here to scare you off. I just want to make this very practical and useful to you.

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Think of this in two parts:

  • Your current costs (cost now)

  • The cost of your upgraded lifestyle (painted picture)

Break down expenses into categories like living, personal, insurance, savings, and debt. Allocate costs to each category for both now and the painted picture.

Download the workbook to make this process a breeze. - Design Your Life Day 2 Free workbook

Here are some examples of expenses that you could use per category:

1. Living expenses:

- mortgage/rent

- utilities (electric, water, gas, sewer, etc)

- phone + internet + cable

- groceries + eating out

- fuel, transportation,

- car maintenance

2. Personal expenses:

- childcare + kid activities

- gym + personal self-care

- clothing

- gifts

- entertainment

3. Insurances (motor, household, life insurance, medical aid)

4. Savings (kids university, vacation, emergency fund, retirement

5. Debt ( credit card, car, student loans)

Stick with me throughout this challenge, and you'll walk away with an actionable profit plan for 2024. Business owners with a plan are 2x more likely to grow, so let's make this year YOUR year! Share your key takeaways and insights in the comments, and feel free to ask any questions. Cheers to crafting the life and business of your dreams! 🚀✨

PS – Don't forget to download the Design Your Life Workbook - click here to make this process even more seamless!

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