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Business can be complicated. Your numbers shouldn’t be.
Learn how to build a financially successful business with me.

You started your business for freedom. You weren’t expecting all the hats. Marketing. Sales. Copy. Design.Technology. Social Media Manager. Project Manager. And worst of all? CFO, Accountant & Bookkeeper.

With this You can learn to understand your money, make financial decisions with confidence and grow the business of your dreams. Imagine knowing exactly how many clients or sales you need to close per month to achieve your personal finance goals. Knowing how much your monthly business expenses are with no sales. Knowing the key ingredients to a financially successful business.

Business can be complicated. Your numbers shouldn’t be.

Learn how to build a financially successful business with me.

My aim is to provide you with complete financial clarity and streamline your spending, allowing you to concentrate on the aspects of your business that bring you joy.



Take control of your finances and understand your financial statements.
Feel excited to review your monthly income and expenses.
Establish a steady income from your business to manage your personal finances effectively.
Make confident financial decisions and plan for future expenses and investments.
Build a financial safety net in case of emergencies.
Ensure your business supports your life, not the other way around.

No more stress about unpaid bills or vendors.
No more uncertainty about using personal or business funds for groceries.
No more worries about reaching your financial goals this year.
No more fear of slow months or seasonal fluctuations.
No more contemplating giving up and seeking a job.



Break down the basics of business finance and business taxation and compliance in amore understandable way
Understand what cash flow is and why it’s important to your financial success
Learn the key ingredients to creating a profitable and sustainable business
Budget for your business successfully
Identify steps to help you gain clarity within your business
Start with small steps you can take today toward becoming a master of cash flow

What You Will Learn:

The 7 Key ingredients for a profitable business
How to differentiate between expenses and investments
How to run an
expense analysis on your business to ensure you’re getting maximum value from expenses
What cash flow is and how to gain control
How to reverse engineer how much you need to mak
e in your business on a monthly basis toserver your personal goals
The difference between a budget and forecast
Basics of business taxation and compliance
How to budget for your business
How to make financial decisions based on your budget
The steps to take to manage your business finances efficiently in under 30 minutes a week
And more!


This trainings Is for You If:

You feel overwhelmed by the finance side of your business
Are confused with taxes and legislation for your business
Are newer to business and not ready to make the investment to an accountant yet
Are under R500,000 in revenue
Feel like you grasp the large concepts of finances,but you’re missing something and not sure what
Feel like you’re spinning your wheels with sales spending, never coming out ahead
You feel like you keep working harder, but arent making progress

The Small Business Starter Bundle can be a stand-alone implementation, group or included in business financial coaching.

*All bundles, programs, consultations/coaching can be amended to suit your business needs and budget.
Find out more about our specific trainings or costings as well as availability
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