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The 48-Hour Personal Finance Makeover (FREEBIE Alert!!)

Organizing your personal finances. There are few tasks more daunting, especially if you’re currently juggling personal debt, bonds and loans, and making ends meet while also building savings. (So…most of us?!)

Regardless of where you are in your career and life, you’re capable of taking charge of your money. You can set goals. Build savings. Plan big trips. Buy a house. How? The first step is letting go of your fear, shame, and doubt. Step two: starting somewhere.

I am here to help you organize your personal finances in a manageable way. I thought: What if we wanted to spend one weekend—and one weekend only—getting our acts together? The result is this 48-hour finance overhaul guide, which will help you your organize your finances and change how you approach and handle money once and for all.

I would love to hear back from you on your experience with the 48 hour personal finance workbook and would really appreciate you inviting and sharing with others who you think could benefit from this money makeover.


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