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5 Steps to Un-Limiting Your Money Beliefs

If you’re wondering why you’re not more successful managing money, why you earn well but don’t feel well off or why you spend money when you want to save; then this blog post is for you.

These limiting belief are self-bound and here’s the trick, it’s YOU that can change them so you can be more successful managing money and not accidently limiting your finances.

Limiting Money Beliefs

Many of our beliefs come from our past experiences and interpretations of them, often during childhood. They then run unconsciously and unchallenged and effect our actions with money interactions. The beliefs don’t always apply to “money” overall but to different areas such as earning more, keeping money, the impulse to spend.

Download your free Family Money Tree workbook and guide to assist you in identifying your limiting beliefs, habits and thoughts around money. This free downloadable will assist you in transforming your money thoughts for a healthier money mindset.

Consciously uncoupling

I use the phrase with humour, for those who remember the phrase coming into play following a celebrity divorce. However, it is useful in this context. To change the belief programs we run in the background day in and day out we need to make a conscious space to become aware of them, to let go and replace them with a new feeling, thought, or belief.

Let's look at the 5 steps to “consciously uncoupling” our money beliefs.

Step 1 Awareness

Becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings we have is the first step to making a change to them. You know you best, so your way of doing this will be right for you. Things that can help are:

  • Quiet meditation, what am I feeling, what am I thinking? Why do I feel this? What thought does that feeling evoke?

  • Journaling each morning or noting down the fleeting thoughts and feelings as they occur for example when you check your bank statement, get paid, or have to buy something.

  • Self-exploration actively identifies past memories, thoughts and experiences. Try this free exercise here

  • A good financial coach will be able to work with you through questions, listening and exploring this phase with you too before the focus turns forward - book your 30-minute free dicovery call here with me

Step 2 Presence

Along with awareness comes presence. Be present, in the present, in the moment. Your beliefs are based on memories, not even necessarily accurate, they are the past. They form the story you repeat to yourself and when we keep repeating the same story, the same thoughts, same beliefs we get the same outcome.To make a change we need to be in the moment, present. This is when we are consciously aware and have the opportunity to interrupt the unconscious beliefs to create new ones.

Step 3 Create

Once aware and present we can make space to create something new.

When I write music I can choose the next note, chord, word, line, rest. Its not pre-defined, I’m creating something in the space, I’m not using my memory to pull something from the past. The same is true with all creative pursuits whether its art, craft, cooking, design, writing.

We can create the next thought, the next action, the next belief too.

Once aware of what you are thinking and feeling around money, consider what you want to be thinking and feeling instead. Is the version of You that has more money and manages money well thinking the same or something different to what today's or yesterday's version of you thinks?

Step 4 Release

We’re not “unblocking” your beliefs, they are what they are and they served you until they didn’t.

It’s a release, a let go, a make space. Let go of the old thoughts and feelings such as fear that leads to thoughts of scarcity, so instead you can make space to feel the new. For example confident, joyful, grateful and think and believe that there is more.

Step 5 Trust

I found this step the toughest. Our brains seek proof of what we think, so believe there is more and let your mind start looking for those opportunities instead of proof that you can't manage money.

TRUST the process. You don’t need to know HOW the change will happen, just be open to it.

Its tempting to look to the outside world to change first and then we change our thoughts or feelings. For example, “I’ll feel safe when I’ve got money in the bank” or “I’ll give thanks when I receive”. It happens the other way around, in reverse.You first change your inner world and create the outside results you want. That takes trust.

Download your free Family Money Tree workbook and guide to assist you in identifying your limiting beliefs, habits and thoughts around money. This free downloadable will assist you in transforming your money thoughts for a healthier money mindset.

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